All-In-One Platform of Mobile WALLETZ Payment


Walletz is a unique payment platform that connects multiple mobile wallet companies in Malaysia. It allows merchants to receive payments without the hassle of maintaining multiple applications from various e-wallet providers. 


With Walletz, merchants can accept all types of payment providers in one platform, making it more convenient and less complicated. It simplifies the payment experience for merchants, making it secure and seamless.

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Questions & Answers

  1. Cashless transactions drive higher user engagement
  2. Generate valuable data insight
  3. Reduce operational costs
  1. Retailer enter the amount of payment
  2. Switch on the scanner in WALLETZ
  3. Scan the digital payment QR code on the customer’s phone.
  4. Confirm and approve the transaction.

It is all a real-time process. WALLETZ merchants receive instant notifications on payment status, and customers also receive immediate confirmation once the payment is completed.

WALLETZ is for every industry! It does not discriminate or limit its use to any specific industry.

  1. Complete the application form
  2. Take a photo of the signboard
  3. Ensure that the registered company name is correct
  4. Take a copy of the photo of the company registration certificate and your identification card (IC)


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